Writing achieved today…..

Not much to be honest. I seem to be doing a lot of editing recently which is driving me crazy. The main question which keeps coming back to me is ‘why did I write such a long first MS?’ It takes me so long to edit it that by the time I get to end of it I can’t bear to go back and give it the once over, so I leave it (for way too long), eventually feel guilt-tripped into reading it again with a view to getting it ready for submission, am still not happy with it, so re-edit and change the whole thing. Also, whilst I’m having a rant at myself, I have so many different MS on the go that I’m getting characters, plots and scenes mixed up! I guess the moral of that story is…do one thing at a time.

I convinced myself that I need a break and some fresh air and would come back refreshed and raring to go. I had a wee trip to Stonehaven this morning to see for myself these mystery sculptures which have appeared along the shoreline. The fresh air was great, sculptures fantastic, cake good, but I’m still in second gear. Maybe just one more cup of coffee then I’ll finish this MS once and for all.

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