After the Affair: Abbi’s Story….

Looking for something suitable for #ValentinesDay? Find out what happened to Abbi after A Sorry Affair. Several people have commented that they were left wondering how life turned out for Abbi. I am currently editing a small novel, but have also written a short story in the meantime. Check it out in the February edition of Mom’s Favourite Reads After the Affair: Abbi’s Story

Making Connections

I have been connecting with lots of authors, authors groups and readers groups these past few months which is really helping me understand the world of writing, publishing and marketing. One of the groups I have recently joined, which is proving to be invaluable is Mom’s Favorite Reads.

Here, Hannah Howe, co-founder of Mom’s Favourite Reads tells us what it’s all about 

Mom’s Favourite Reads is a community of book lovers. We produce a quarterly book catalogue, which features over 400 books, and a monthly magazine. Our magazines, available as eBooks, in print and audiobooks, have topped the Amazon Contemporary Women charts, the Seasonal charts and the Graphic Novel charts in America, Australia, Britain and Canada. Alongside leading independent authors our magazines also feature contributions from high profile mainstream authors. For example, in the new year we will feature exclusive interviews with a Dr Who screenwriter, an expert on Sherlock Holmes and Terry Deary, author of Horrible Histories, one of the most popular series in the history of publishing.

Also, in 2019, we will develop our community to support literacy amongst adults and children. One of the ways we will do this is by offering schools, societies and literacy projects bundles of free books.

Hannah is also a very successful author herself of psychological and historical mysteries. Her books are distributed through Gardners to over 300 outlets worldwide and over the past four years her novels have reached number one on the Amazon charts on fifteen separate occasions. This summer Saving Grace, a Victorian mystery, was a bestseller in Australia.

Hannah, along with Rebecca Carter and Denise Mccabe not only provide fantastic advice and support for authors but also help increase their reach to others

If you are an author, you are welcome to join Mom’s Favorite Reads. If you are a reader, please visit our website and check out our video, book catalogue and magazines

Check out the facebook page at

If you would like to support a literacy project, please email