About Me

I was born and live in Scotland with my husband, two young children and various pets

I am new to writing and…it’s my little secret. No one actually knows I write or have recently had my first book published. It was never my ambition to write novels, let alone publish or even sell them. It sounds very cliché but I often have to pinch myself as a reminder that this is really happening. I never imaged that one  day I would be a writer of romantic novels.

I’ve always had stories going on at the back of my mind but just have never found the time to actually write anything down. 

Twelve years after my first child I found myself at a loose end, opened the computer and put ‘pen to paper’ as it were. Once I started writing I just couldn’t stop. I found the story unfolding in my head way faster than I could type.

A Sorry Affair is the first book I have had published but there are many more to come

Most of my writing is done whilst waiting to pick my children up from various after school activities therefore I cannot underestimate the contribution my smart phone, tablet and laptop have played in enabling me to write my stories anytime and anywhere!

I am a scientist by profession. Not that the two things are mutually exclusive but having studied science at Edinburgh University a long time ago (when perms, dungarees and Dexy’s Midnight Runners were in fashion), writing was never on my radar. 

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