Spotlight on Morgan Summer

Morgan Summer is a crime writer and her first book, Jean Stone Crime Series: Stranger Among Us, will be out on February 23rd with pre-ordering available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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Here, she takes a moment  to share some of her inspirations and passions

So tell me a little about why you started writing?

Writing is something I have done for many years from journaling to scribbling song lyrics, but last year I began to focus more on novels after the suggestion from a fellow mentor and teacher that I should write crime stories.

What do you think of when you think about your readers? Do you have a constant reader like Stephen King or do you write for a friend/loved one?
I do not have an audience in mind when I bring pencil to paper. I write the stories I would want to hear that are just waiting to be published.

Do you have a writing process/formula, or is it more random?
Very random. I only write when the motivation strikes me. If I force it, then the story turns out to be something I have to delete. Even though I work well under pressure, writing is not one of them.

Who are your favourite mainstream authors?
Frances Mayes, “Under the Tuscan Sun” made me fall in love with Italy.
Patricia Cornwell, she has paved the way for women like me to be able to write these stories.


Have you tried other formats like articles/screenplays/plays etc, or do you stick to novels?
I have written some articles for fun, but nothing else currently. With me, you never know!

Do you consider writing a hobby or a profession?
It’s a hobby at the moment, mainly because I work full time. My dream is to make it into a profession.

Where do your ideas come from?
Life honestly, either something that I heard, saw, or experienced!

When it comes to marketing and promotion, how do you approach this area?
As most writers I know, I struggle with this. I do my best to be authentic, honest, and work extremely hard at building relationships on social media, but the downside to all this is the time I have to spend time away from my family. They understand the sacrifice and know it will be worth it in the long run.

What would you most like to sit down and discuss with your readers?
What do they like, dislike about the book? Any feedback on how to make the Jean Stone series better, I am all ears.




About what would you most like to chat with your favourite author?
Depends on the author, but I would ask how they were able to keep going even after rejections, what motivated them not to give up.






Where do you see yourself in five years? What is coming up for you, new book/project wise?
I would love to be A NY Times bestseller author. Currently, Book 2 of the series is in storyboard editing and writing Book 3 & 4. Also, I have started a YA series inspired by my daughter.

What are your greatest writing influences?
My daughter. She inspires me daily to live my dreams.

You can follow Morgan on;


And look out for her book in February.


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