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A Sorry Affair is my first publication and has had several five star reviews already.

It is set in Edinburgh and is centred around three main characters, Jen, Abbi and Mack.  Jen and Mack are the perfect couple; meeting at university, moving in together and engaged to be married. It seems life couldn’t get any better until Abbi turns up on their doorstep and throws their seemingly well-oiled relationship into turmoil. On that day, three lives are left in tatters. Jen is the innocent party in all of this, but is Abbi equally innocent? And what of Mack?  Is it possible to feel any sympathy for him? As the story unfolds it becomes apparent that he’s lost more than just Jen and Abbi. He realises how much hurt he has caused and the monumental mess he’s made of everyone’s lives but can he possibly expect or hope for forgiveness? Can he can prove he will never make the same mistake again?

The idea for A Sorry Affair came to me on train journey to Edinburgh when I overheard a prosecco-fuelled, animated conversation between a group of women heading for a hen weekend in Edinburgh. They were discussing a close friend who had just discovered, in the cruellest of ways, that her fiancé was cheating on her. They had no sympathy for the adulteress which begged the question, what does it feel like to be the other woman in an affair?

As the story unfolded in my mind I began to consider it from all points of view, but in particular from the other woman’s position. What if you are the ‘other woman’ and are completely unaware that you’re having an affair?  I also wondered about person committing the affair though. What if he really didn’t mean to have an affair?

I immediately began tapping out the story on my mobile phone and wished I was on a much longer train journey.

My hope is that the reader will connect with all the characters and in doing so, be faced with the dilemma as to where their own sympathies lie and ask what they would do in a similar situation. The story is really based on the belief that that for most people love is rarely black and white but varying shades of grey.


A beautiful story of pain and sadness as the ‘perfect’ engagement unravels: a tale of the unwitting downward spiral and destruction of a perfect relationship: emotional and full of suspense.”

Kirsten Nairn describes the feelings of the three main characters in such an amazing poignant and honest way. I was greatly impressed by the way she writes about emotions”

“A Sorry Affair is a gorgeous story about a man and a woman who have it all, but somehow that still isn’t enough and everything falls apart. Kirsten Nairn’s story is filled with romance, sadness and hope. I absolutely loved this fabulous novella” Review by Suze lavender

“I also really enjoyed that all the characters were so in-depth and flushed out. It felt like I knew them in a more intimate manner” Najwa Aslam

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