What to do?

My plans for the Bank Holiday- do something with the kids in the morning and have a ‘guilt free’ writing session in the afternoon. Perfect! But no, I decide that I really must wax the wooden tables and chairs, hoover the car and clean the windows first. Quality, fresh air time with the kids took longer than I thought and now I’m sitting here staring at the laptop, faffing about on social media, looking for inspiration. Perhaps I should go and finish the chocolate and get that out of the way, THEN start writing. It’s a tough life being an author!

Snow at Easter!

Not sure there will an egg hunt in the garden at this rate. Looks like snow for a fourth time this year, so there’s only one thing for it. Wrap up warm, get the fire on, make sure everyone has enough chocolate to keep them occupied and I get get on with some writing. This writing in secret is not without it’s difficulties. How do I explain that I need to be attached to my PC over the holidays? 

Actually, having small children means I have become adept at telling ‘white lies’

Another day at the PC

My mind is well and truly boggled. After almost two whole days immersing myself in social media with a little bit of writing and editing thrown on I am done! Today I have resolved to really get my teeth into writing and ignore the posts, the tweets, the likes and shares but….here I am. Can’t help myself.

What about me?

I think someone was trying to tell me to STOP WRITING last night. Sorry O. I was on a roll. Will do better on the ‘must pay more attention to the cat’ front tonight!Oscar